Monday 20th June 2016 – Finding Friends

Alfie and Bella

It’s so hard when you are really sociable and live in the middle of nowhere. Mum says she’s almost starting to understand why young people move away from villages. It’s not helped by the fact that the others aren’t nearly so sociable and haven’t built up a group of friends that I can meet and play with. Shadow snapped at a puppy that I’m hoping will be my playmate when she saw him yesterday and that really isn’t going to help my cause. Mum took me for a special walk yesterday, somewhere we always seem to see people, but it was much quieter than usual probably because it was father’s day. We saw two dogs who both growled at me and didn’t want to play and I was starting to think we may as well have gone to our usual place, but then we met a lovely family who didn’t have a dog with them. The children were a little wary of dogs, but after saying hello to me for a few minutes they were much more sure.

I’ve got one of my training classes tonight so at least I shall see some of my friends. It’s at the Scout Hut up the road so maybe we can have a bit of a run together before class. At home Ari does make a good playmate, but with his legs being poorly Mum can’t let him play chase with me too much.

Alfie and Bella
Alfie and Bella

Alfie said I could show you the picture of him with his girlfriend Bella on Saturday. Honestly, I don’t know what sort of relationship they’ve got but neither one of them were smiling for the photo! Mind you, he’s been more grumpy than ever since she went home so maybe this is Alfie at his happiest. I guess old age is hard.

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  1. My name is Baxter, I am a big Gordon Setter (your mistress may remember me. My mum emailed her once about some training videos she couldn’t find on the Internet) I would love to be your playmate but we are now living on a narrowboat in Wiltshire!

    I would love to play with all the dogs I see, but most of their owners think I am too big and boisterous (I am only 16 months old), and they hold the leads of their dogs as though I am going to eat them! 🙂

    It can be tough being a big puppy. Hope you have a good play before school tonight.

    Baxter x

    • Oh Baxter, I’d love to play. I’m 23kg of muscle even though I’m only nearly 11 months old. No one really thinks I’m a puppy anymore. It’s so hard. I hope your training is going ok. I love going to classes, though I do get bored if we have to sit still too long.
      Living on a narrowboat sounds cool.
      Have fun
      Wilma. x ps, send me your picture – use Alfie’s email he won’t mind.

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