Friday 24th June 2016 – Bring your dog to work… you’re going to need them!

Dear friends across Europe

We’re sorry. What more can we say? Today is a dark day for the UK and for the European dream. Our Mistress has shed tears as the results have come in. It is not going to be something which is sorted easily and we’ve got difficult times ahead. We don’t know what’s going to happen now and nothing will be resolved easily. Please don’t give up on us. We’re going to need you now as much as ever if not more.

Dear friends in America

Please don’t do something as stupid as this when it comes to your election. The whole world needs you to do the responsible thing, we really do. It is an ironic day to find that Trump is actually on this side of the Atlantic – and not a good irony.


Today is bring your dog to work day and as I’m writing this, and seeing the worrying likely outcome of the referendum, then I think you’re going to need them! We have been in the office since four this morning and the mood is sombre. I suspect that later on the settee is going to be a handy sleeping place for all of us. Wilma did go yesterday to cast her vote with our Mistress. She went into the polling station, but was not allowed to have her photo there.

The oddest thing, looking at the results so far, is that Scotland has firmly voted to remain in the EU but without the rest of the UK it can’t. I’ve suggested we should move there, but our Mistress says the weather is bad enough this far north without going any further. The same goes for Northern Ireland. Gibraltar might be a better option! We don’t know what the implication is going to be, but it’s not likely to be good.

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