Sunday 26th June 2016 – One happy Wilma


Wilma went to help our Mistress at the village Fun Day yesterday. She thought it was going to be boring, but how wrong she was. Firstly, she got to meet lots of children who all wanted to stroke her and talk to her and she really enjoyed that. There was one very tiny incident when she mistakenly thought a child planned to share her ice-cream, but that was quickly resolved and our Mistress bought Wilma an ice-cream of her own to cheer her up. Then something wonderful happened. Wilma was minding her own business when who should turn up but her best friend Jas the Airedale. Wilma hasn’t seen Jas properly since her puppy classes a few weeks ago. She saw her briefly across the room last week when she came for the later bronze class and our Mistress was going to ring Jas’s owner to see if they could meet before class for a play, but did not get round to it. Anyway, Jas should be in Wilma’s class but wasn’t there on Wednesday so Wilma was really disappointed. She totally made up for it today and the two of them greeting each other with such enthusiasm that both Jas’s humans and our Mistress were delighted. Jas’s family don’t live near here, but know someone who was organising our Fun Day, so had come to support it.

Anyway, it turns out Jas wasn’t there last week because she’s ill and it might be serious. She’ll know more when she sees Wilma on Wednesday when they now have a playdate arranged for before class and both of them are very happy about it.

Our Mistress was worn out by the end of the day so I think today will be a quiet day for all of us. We’re just arguing over which of us gets to go to the pet shop to buy the big chews, but I don’t know why I’m bothering as it’s bound to be Wilma.

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  1. Hello Ari, I think you should go to get the big chews, after all the humans need someone strong to carry them. Did you watch the football yesterday? We were cheering for Switzerland. They played the best but sadly lost as the result was decided on a penalty shoot out. I feel so sorry for the man that missed. He must be very sad today.I have just had a walk round the village. We were gone for over an hour and I met up with Misty and Daisy and Dougal. Mia is on holiday. Well, have a lazy day I am going to. Love to you all Dickens XXXXXX

    • Thanks, Bro,
      It’s pretty lazy so far, but then most of my days are lazy ones. I really don’t believe in overdoing it.
      Have a great day.

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