Wednesday 29th June 2016 – I don’t like change!

I don’t like change – and I’m still not talking about the possibility of leaving Europe! I’m on matters rather closer to home. When I went to swimming yesterday I received the shocking news that it is changing hands. It’s actually one of the hydrotherapists who is buying it and I do already know her and she is very nice, but she’s not the one I’m with most of the time. I’ve grown really very fond of my usual hydrotherapist over the last few years. She understands my odd little ways and does everything she can to keep me calm and happy. I’ve even grown to look forward to my swimming times and none of us ever thought that was likely. Ari says he really doesn’t mind who swims with him and he’s not the least bit worried by the change, but then he’s only four and I’m ten so I’m entitled to be a little less flexible in my thinking.

Shadow and I were working out earlier that we have an average age of nine now between just the two of us. To be fair, given it’s Shadow we are talking about, I was doing the working out and she was just agreeing. Maths is not her strongest subject. She didn’t really appreciate being included in an average that made her sound older than she is. She’s been really feeling her age the last week or two and doesn’t like to be reminded. We’re both going to try moving onto the senior food now to reflect our lower energy levels. I tried it when I was her age, but it just left me hungry then. I think I might be ready for it now. I’m really quite trim compared to how I have been at some points. I’ve lost a whole kilogram and I have to say I do feel better for it, at least physically if not mentally.

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