Thursday 30th June 2016 – Half the year has gone

Me and Wilma

It struck me as a good time to look at my new year’s resolutions seeing as half the year has gone. With hindsight, I don’t think I actually got round to making any this year so I can safely say that I am absolutely on target. In fact I’m in a winning position. If I had made one, I might have set out to lost weight and get a bit fitter and I’ve achieved both of those. I’ve lost a kilogram and am looking pretty good ‘for my age’. Don’t you just hate that expression? It says so much. Gone are the days you can leave it at ‘looking pretty good’ when compared to absolutely any contenders and now you can only think of yourself in those terms if you are standing with your contemporaries. There is an underlying negative message in there and I don’t want to go looking for it too hard. As a dog you move from being in your prime to being in your dotage all too quickly. Where have the glory years gone? Even Aristotle is going to be five next birthday. It means he’s now in his 30s in human terms and that was a bit of a shock for him when I pointed it out.

Anyway, back to resolutions. Our Mistress has managed to finish writing and the initial edit of her next novel and will, in the next couple of days, be sending it out to some volunteers to read and get feedback on what they think. It’s a bit scary when she does that as if they don’t like it that leaves her with a lot of work to do to fix the problems. This book has been about three years in the writing and that’s a long incubation by the standards of any birthing process. All in all, it’s not a bad first half to the year – at least not on a personal level.

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