Friday 1st July 2016 – Some dogs have it all!


If it were not for the fact that she’s my friend and I like her a lot, then I could be very jealous of Wilma. Yesterday, our Mistress came back from the butcher’s with 4 big bones – all for Wilma. Well, I say all for Wilma, but they are for her to begin with and then apparently when she’s had all the good stuff out of the middles then we’re allowed to get involved. Ok, so they give us upset stomachs and they don’t with her, but that’s not the point. We still like them. And as if that is not enough, she got to go on a playdate with Bernie the Entlebucher yesterday on the York Race Course. We have never been to the race course. Ari is particularly annoyed as Bernie is his half-brother and he was not invited. It gets worse. Wilma is going to try to meet up with Bernie once a month so they can have a run together. He’s about the same age as she is and they can both really run. I’m past all that, so I’m less jealous of the running, but I do take issue with the bone distribution. She is getting some beef rib bones today too!

Oh I know it is all part of our Mistress’s attempt to sort Wilma’s teeth out, well, not the play dates with Bernie, they are just for fun, but it still makes the rest of us jealous.

We’re planning a quiet weekend. The most exciting thing our Mistress is doing is going to buy some ant powder, that and collecting a replacement for the tumble dryer that has been recalled. We sure know how to live! Wilma has asked if they can go for a long walk if the weather is good and our Mistress has said she’ll think about it. I’d be surprised if it stops raining long enough for them to go!

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