Wednesday 6th July 2016 – I’ve got a problem


On the way to swimming yesterday, our Mistress had to break sharply and I wasn’t paying attention. I’d got my seatbelt on as I always do, but it didn’t stop me twisting awkwardly and pulling both my back and leg. Given I’ve already got back problems it wasn’t a good idea. I’m in a lot of pain if I move and am struggling to do steps down. I can just about do up, but down is awful. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m already on painkillers but they aren’t coming close to dealing with it. I squeal with pain every time I try moving. I just want to stay here in the bed right by the side of our Mistress and rest. That’s easier said than done with Aristotle around. If I squeal he can’t stop himself from jumping on me and I really can’t cope with that right now. I didn’t actually swim as I was too poorly, but the hydrotherapist is a veterinary nurse so she had a good look at me. If I’m as bad this morning our Mistress will take me to the vet, but to be quite honest I don’t want to go anywhere at all. I hope this is going to improve soon as I don’t think I could stand it being like this for very long. I’m miserable.

Wilma comes over and gives me a comforting lick now and again and our Mistress is giving me lots of gentle strokes and brings scraps of food to me that might cheer me up, but even lifting my head is a lot of effort. Lying flat is really the only thing I can cope with. We’re feeling pretty glum. At least our Mistress says she will sleep downstairs with me for as long as I need her to. I don’t think I could bear not to be near her at night. She’s my world.

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  1. Lieber Alfie, wir wünschen Dir gute Besserung und Erholung. Wir hoffen, dass dies nicht eine ernstere Angelegenheit sein wird.
    Liebe Grüsse senden, Tosca, Beija-Flor und Whoopy die am Freitag operiert werden muss. Sie hat einen Kreuzbandriss und Kann danach 10 Wochen nur an der Leine geführt werden.
    Alles Liebe Fritz und Maja

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