Friday 8th July 2016 – Reasons the tv does not work…

Feeling sad about Horsie

Hello everyone, it’s Wilma here. Alfie is going for an x-ray of his neck and shoulder today, so hopefully we’ll have a better idea of the problems. A lovely friend in America sent Mum details a treatment using stem cells that can use the body’s own tissue to help repair itself. Mum’s going to ask the vet about it and we’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, I’ve been helping to repair the television. It stopped working altogether and the engineer had to come. It turns out a big bush had grown up and covered the satellite dish. Mum had to cut some of it back and I’ve been dragging big pieces of it round the garden. I don’t know if I have exactly helped, but it seemed like a good idea to me.

I was supposed to go to a training class last night to help prepare me for the show I’m in two weeks today. Unfortunately, I’d eaten something that didn’t agree with me, so had an upset stomach. I didn’t feel too bad, but between that and Alfie’s problems Mum had been awake with us since 4.30 yesterday morning and she said that she really couldn’t face having to go out and would prefer to snooze quietly somewhere. I was a bit fed up, but given I was partly to blame I didn’t feel I could say all that much. She worries about the number of things I try eating and says if I’m not careful then one day I’ll have a serious problem. She’s probably right, but just at the moment I can’t get too excited about the risks. It’s like most things that adults tell you, until they happen to you they don’t really seem real. She has pointed out that I’m growing up now and need to take a little more responsibility, but in my eyes I’ve got a lot of being an irresponsible puppy left to do first!

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