Saturday 9th July 2016 – Alfie the Druggy

Hello everyone. It’s the weekend so it’s Aristotle here.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but I seem to be living with a drug addict. Alfie didn’t have an x-ray yesterday. The vet took his leg and neck through their range of movement and concluded that this is more about pressure on the nerves than about damaged joints. She would give him gabapentin, but we’d all be moving out if she did. When he tried it years ago he had a complete personality change within 24 hours! Anyway, he had a dose of ketamine which can, apparently, help to reset the pain threshold. He stayed at the vets to rest for the morning and then came home to sleep it off here. Now he’s on tramadol and diazepam as well as his usual painkiller and his thyroid medication so he’s one sleepy spaced out dog! He has to go back to the vet on Tuesday to see how things are. By that stage I’m expecting to find him cross-legged and smoking a joint. I wonder what the law says about dogs smoking drugs and whether it would be legal for me to go to get them for him. I strongly suspect our Mistress would have something to say if I were to go down that route, but it’s almost worth doing just to see her face!

Wilma’s upset stomach is improving very slowly. We’re all guessing she managed to find some of the rancid fish that someone has tipped on the airfield where we walk normally. Our Mistress was really careful about where we went, but it’s easier said than done when things can be moved by wildlife. I can honestly say I don’t share Wilma’s desire to see what everything in the world tastes like. I suppose I’ve already had my share of upset stomachs that make you see sense.

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  1. Hi Alfie, always good to hear your take on events!!!! Pleased to know that Alfie is improving. Our old beagle is on Tramadol along with anti-inflammatory tablets for his wobbly legs and it really helps him so hope it does the same for Alfie,
    I am off out for the day with my Mum. We are going to a workshop – whatever that is!
    Hope it is good fun. Have a lovely day. Dickens X

    • A workshop sounds fun. Do you get to do anything or is it the boring sort, where you are supposed to sit quietly at your human’s feet? Have fun anyway.
      Love Ari.

      • Hi Ari, sorry I called you Alfie this morning. It was all about helping me to cope in stressful situations. After a shaky start I enjoyed it. We were outside some of the time. There were 4 other dogs and we all got on OK. I must say I am exhausted now so off for a nap. Love Dickens X

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