Monday 11th July 2016 – Don’t worry, I’ll get it.


There was a fly in the office. It was a big one making a lot of noise. Normally, that would be Aristotle’s job, but he was in the other room so I said I’d get it. You know, it’s amazing just how high I can reach when I stand right up on the chair on two legs. Mum said I needed to be careful I didn’t fall, but my balance is way better than hers and what’s the worst that can happen? Ok, so I might push the chair against the window, but I don’t think that would be enough to break it. I think her real worry is that I’ll progress from standing on the chair to standing up on the desk, and that would be more dangerous because of all her piles of papers.

Anyway, my tummy is continuing to improve, but apparently I’ve got to remember to ask to go out rather than nip behind something she can’t see when I get the urgent need to poo. She says it’s fortunate that she has a good sense of smell and realises quickly so she can clean up after me. At least I’m back to walks so that’s good news. I didn’t feel much like going out, but I was missing the opportunity of finding out what was going on in the world around here, particularly because we are doing a different regular walk to avoid another rancid fish incident!

Alfie is feeling a bit brighter, but he’s at that stage where he occasionally forgets how much pain he’s been having. That would be good news if he didn’t then do things like try to run up the steps to the office and land in a screaming heap instead and try to jump for a biscuit with much the same result. I think it may be a long time before he’s completely ok.

Lots of Love


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