Tuesday 12th July 2016 – I’ve got my bark back

My health improving is a double edged sword, or so our Mistress says. On the bright side, I really am quite a lot better and I’m hoping when I see the vet today she might say I don’t have to be on quite so many tablets. On the downside it means I want to be with my Mistress rather than sitting quietly somewhere and will make any amount of noise to try to make it happen. The problem is that just now she won’t take the risk of me and Aristotle being in the room together, because of his tendency to jump on me if I squeal. That means only one of us can be with her at once. So, 50 % of the time I’m in the kitchen making as much noise as I can and being thoroughly annoying and 50% of the time I get my own way. It doesn’t help my cause that Ari is very laid back dog and while he can’t be with our Mistress he rarely moans at all. I’m in a bit of a no win situation here and I know from what’s she’s said that our Mistress is completely fed up with it.

It wouldn’t be bad if she didn’t need to concentrate on what she’s doing. Quite apart from doing her work, at the moment she is doing some very detailed analysis of the pedigree of a puppy in our breed that is unwell. She is trying to understand how we make sure we don’t have the same problem in other dogs and it’s all very complicated. When she’s deep in thought and I break her concentration by barking, she really does get very cross with me. I suppose I can see why, but if she’d pay me attention 24 hours a day instead of worrying about other puppies then it wouldn’t be a problem, not for me anyway!

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