Wednesday 13th July 2016 – Cutting my medication

My days of being a drugged up dog are coming to an end. I’m reducing my Diazepam today and will then stop them altogether when they run out. Then if I’m doing ok I have to reduce my Tramadol. I’ll still be on my regular medication but it will be nice not to have to think carefully to make sure I’ve taken everything. It does get confusing and we’re getting through an awful lot of marzipan to wrap them in. That’s the bit I’m not complaining about though. I rather like marzipan, although that’s the one thing about living in England that I will never get used to. Here the marzipan has too much sugar and not enough almond. It’s nowhere near as good as we used to buy for me in Belgium.

We were all being rather noisy yesterday and causing trouble and then to make matters worse the window cleaners came. Oh we all went a little crazy then. Just think what it’s like for us. Part of what we do is guard the home and then suddenly not only are there strange men in our garden but they are attacking the house with long rods and jets of water. It doesn’t matter how often you explain to us that you are paying them to be there we are bound to see it as our duty to send them away by any means we know. If that involves Aristotle launching himself at a window at first floor level and worrying our Mistress, then so be it. The rest of us were just barking, but we really were going for it. It actually got to the point where she said she’s thinking maybe she should give up on having the windows cleaned and just settle for not seeing out!

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