Friday 15th July 2016 – Now Alfie tells me!


Alfie rang to wish Mum and Dad a happy 10th wedding anniversary! Now he tells me. I didn’t know that’s why we were coming on holiday. He was telling me he was there when Dad proposed in the woods where they were living in Belgium. He didn’t get to go to the wedding as that was in England and his passport hadn’t come through by then. Anyway, we’re having a great time, except for the point when I got excited on the walk and pulled Mum through a gate scraping her arm really badly on a wooden post. The swelling and bruise will go down eventually!


Shadow and I were worn out by the end of the day. We started the day with a leisurely breakfast outside at our stopover hotel and then did the rest of the long drive to Devon. When we arrived we had a short walk and then our humans had afternoon tea, with scones and clotted cream and however much I asked they wouldn’t share it with me. They did take us for a lovely long walk round Fernworthy Reservoir afterwards and there were fields of sheep and sheep poo and lots of birds to try to chase. It was great, but we were all tired by the end of it. Our humans were laughing as they weren’t that sure they were following the route right or how far it would be and there was no mobile phone signal so as Mum writes fiction she was thinking of all the things that could go wrong and had developed quite a horror story by the end of it. She’s asked if I’d walked far enough not to get her up again at 5am! You’d think she would be grateful she doesn’t need an alarm clock.

Today is a very exciting day as we’re going to see two of Shadow’s children and have another lovely walk.

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