Saturday 16th July 2016 – I’m in Love


Oh what a day I had yesterday. Shadow and I had to sit and wait while Mum and Dad had breakfast, it was annoying because whatever we said they simply wouldn’t share it will us. We still get plain old dog food, but they get to eat all sorts of exciting things. Anyway, the day got better after that. We went to Haytor and met Sogelli who is Aristotle’s full sister, so one of Shadow’s first litter of puppies and Otto who was from her third litter. Otto was called Chekov when he was born and had to stay with Mum for a week or two when the others had left. She fell utterly in love with him then and I’ve fallen head over paws in love with him now. He’s amazing. He liked me too and we had the most wonderful time rolling around together and playing the face biting game. He’s really gentle and ever so handsome. I want to see him again today but sadly he’s got other plans so can’t come. I’m hoping I can persuade Mum to bring me to see him again, but she says it’s an awfully long way. I shall have to make do with looking at the lovely puppy picture of him that’s up in the office.


Then we went to Widecombe in the Moor to a lovely pub where all four of us sat under the table while the humans had lunch. You will never believe what Mum did. She didn’t have a main course she just had a sharing plate of desserts all to herself! She said as she’s on holiday that’s allowed, but she didn’t explain why I haven’t been bought an ice-cream yet! We met an Austrian lady there too who stopped just to speak to us as she has an Entlebucher at home and was so pleased to see us.

Then we went to have coffee with some friends of Mum’s before making our way back to our hotel. I think I like Devon. There are wonderful hills and would you believe there are wild horses, and sheep and cows which just roam everywhere. I’ve sampled some really good poo today, which probably makes up for the lack of ice-cream.

Dad surprised Mum with some lovely flowers this morning for their anniversary and then she surprised him by getting out a bottle of Champagne and glasses while we were at the top of Haytor. I really liked the Champagne!

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