Sunday 17th July 2016 – Shadow can swim

It was a pawsome day yesterday. Absolutely amazing. We had to drive for about an hour to get to the beach and when we got to the car park it was a really steep walk down the steps, but I could smell the sea and it was just so exciting. I pulled and pulled all the way down the hill and as soon as Mum let me off my lead I just ran and jumped straight into the sea. I jumped and jumped it was fantastic. Then I drank loads of the seawater. Why did Mum not explain in a way I understood that it was a bad idea to drink seawater? It wasn’t long before I started to feel very unwell. Then I threw up my breakfast and then I had a serious bout of the squits and felt really very sorry for myself. My tummy was hurting a bit so I sat out of the games for a while. We had had a really good run, the seven of us who were there and a few other dogs who joined in too.

There was one really funny moment when Mum walked all the way up the hill to the car and left dad in charge of me and Shadow. She knew I’d try to follow her so she put me on my lead and made Dad hold it. Then when she came out of the toilets apparently Shadow was just walking past on her way back to the car park looking for Mum. Dad didn’t even know she’d left the beach.

Later one of the Dad’s was throwing the ball into the sea for us to chase. I decided I didn’t like the sea quite so much, so I stayed on the shore. Shadow went after the ball and all of a sudden, there she was swimming. She’s never swum before but she said she just carried on running and suddenly found it was water beneath her and not sand. She wasn’t put off at all and just carried on after the ball. We were all really proud of her.

Shadow was delighted to see her children Cracker, Sogeli and Cinders and I was thrilled to see my half-brother Salvo, who I did some of my growing up with in Switzerland. Hendrix was there too and he’s really really handsome, so I think all the girls were pleased he could come. It was amazing.

Sogeli was funny as she kept digging up the beach and covering us all in shingle. She was trying to teach the rest of us how to do it, but I think we were a bit of a disappointment to her. She’s lovely but completely mad.

Once we left there, Shadow and I went with Mum and Dad to Teignmouth and had a lovely walk round. Every time I found an open door I wanted to go in. Mum explained I wasn’t allowed to do that, but I couldn’t see why not. Then we went to another pub and by then I was really quite tired. I’d still got a poorly tummy last night so I was a bit fed up. I won’t be drinking seawater again!

I shall have to bring you all the photos when I get home as the internet is not working very well here and I can’t upload them. Sorry.

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