Monday 18th July 2016 – Home again

having fun on the beach

It was a long journey home but fortunately there wasn’t too much traffic. I wanted to play I-spy but Shadow just glared at me. Then I suggested singing and she looked at me with such disdain that I ended up having to twiddle my paws and resort to asking ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ every few miles just to entertain myself. Shadow tried sleeping but apparently having me for company was too annoying for that. I can’t think why. We had a great time and now wish we could do it all again. Mum said it wouldn’t be the same if we did it all the time, but I’d like the chance to find out.

Here are my holiday pics from Saturday.

I'm the one jumping in
I’m the one jumping in
having fun on the beach
having fun on the beach

Everything is a bit weird now we’re home. Alfie is going to have to sleep downstairs for the first time since he was about fourteen weeks old, without Mum being there with him. He’s really not happy and has asked if she’d think about moving her bed downstairs permanently to be with him. She stroked him very gently and explained she couldn’t do that. She has set up a camera and the baby monitor so she can check on him until he gets used to it, but he’s really not happy. I think it’s going to mean that Shadow and I sleep upstairs together which will be fun as we quite like snuggling up at night. We shared while we were away, even though Mum had taken separate beds for us. It’s all going to be a bit strange for a while until we get used to how it’s going to work. I do feel sad for Alfie and maybe if his back really gets better then he may come up again, but Mum is worried that if it hurts he’s going to end up falling downstairs if his leg gives under him and that would be awful. I don’t think I like him getting old. It’s not very nice.

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