Tuesday 19th July 2016 – Did you miss me?

Well even if you didn’t miss me, it’s good to be back. I’m pretty much fighting fit, without the fighting really. At least as fit as I’m likely to be. I argued I could be going upstairs to bed with our Mistress but she has put her foot down and said that she does not think doing that many stairs is a good idea for me and that if I do she thinks I could either make things worse or fall down. I don’t know how it’s all going to work. I’ve got the kitchen as my bedroom, but I’m not altogether happy about it. I thought I might have a whole room of my own but it seems that’s not an option. I had visions of putting up my own posters on the walls. You know the sorts of things, pin-ups of Bella that sort of thing. I guess I have to make do with the pictures of coffee cups and bottles of wine that are already up in there.

Wilma wanted to play rather than work at training last night. She settled down after a while, but she says after going on holiday having to work again is no fun at all. Our Mistress thinks much the same and I even caught her having a little nap yesterday. She claims it was because she’d been to the dentist and it was the effect of the anaesthetic in her system, but I fear she might be deluded.

I’m going swimming today so I need to think about working myself too. I haven’t been for a couple of weeks so it’s going to be odd getting in the water. I did wonder if Shadow would like to go in my place, but she said not. I said I could probably get someone to throw a ball for her but she just looked at me with disdain and said ‘It’s not the same as going in the sea.’ And as I’ve never dared go in the sea, I was not in any position to argue with her.

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