Wednesday 20th July 2016 – An excuse for ice-cream

I don’t need much of an excuse for ice cream, but this weather is definitely the perfect opportunity to sit by the freezer door and beg. Today is going to be pretty exciting as our Mistress has relented and ordered Wilma’s birthday present to arrive early. She’s having a paddling pool, or more to the point there was a special offer so she’s having two paddling pools and they should be delivered today. We really could have done with them yesterday, but no amount of nagging would get our Mistress to order them until she was ready. The turning point was that she was melting in the office yesterday and quite fancied joining us for a paddle. It has been explained to Wilma that even though they are her present she does have to share them with the rest of us. That’s no big deal where Wilma’s concerned as she pretty much shares everything. She has also been told she won’t get another present on her birthday next Monday, this will be it. She says she does mind, although she’d quite like some of the plastic balls to make it into a ball pool when she doesn’t want water in it.

I didn’t get to go swimming in the end yesterday. I yelped in pain when I forgot my bad back and jumped and our Mistress said that she didn’t think it was a good idea. Ari went instead and he said with the weather so hot he really didn’t mind at all. He didn’t bother having a blow dry afterwards either, but just enjoyed the coolness of his coat drying naturally. It didn’t take long, he’s got that sort of coat. I really need to go next week as it will be the last week that I get to swim with the lovely lady who’s looked after me for the last few years. I don’t want to miss saying goodbye to her.

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