Thursday 21st July 2016 – Getting the hang of it… or not!


Wilma’s paddling pools arrived first thing yesterday morning and she got into one of them in the kitchen as soon as our Mistress put it down. However, so far except for drinking from them in the garden that has been the end of it. Our Mistress got her to dip her toe in the water, but it was literally just a toe before Wilma said that was enough excitement for one day. She had a little talk with me later and said that her incident with the sea-water last Saturday has really put her off. I reassured her that this would not be the same and the water wouldn’t be salty. Besides which she’d already tasked it to check that for herself. She asked why I wasn’t going in and I said that I’d think about it. Of course, I’ve already thought and the answer would be NO! Swimming is one thing, I’ve got used to that, but I don’t have to voluntarily get into any other water, no matter how hot it is outside. Our Mistress has said that if it gets any hotter trying to work in the office then she will lead by example and sit in the paddling pool herself. I’m hoping that the camera is to paw when that happens as I really think you’ll want to see it.

Wilma may well be encouraged to go in today and have a good wash so she’s all nice and clean for the dog show she’s taking part in tomorrow. They are off to their ringcraft class tonight to get some practice. It’s the first time they’ve been for ages so I’m predicting it may not go well! Wilma said she’s only going to keep our Mistress happy and to see her friend Fleur as she misses her.

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  1. Hi, I like your paddling pools, just right for this weather. It is soooo HOT here.
    We want to wish Wilma and Shadow – and any other Entles very good luck at the show tomorrow. We will be thinking of you. Let us know how they get on. I am off out soon so having a quick nap after my walk. Love from Dickens and all the gang XXXXXXX

    • Thank you. We’re not sure if Wilma’s going to be able to go. Her season may have started, our Mistress is just trying to check. Oh the joys. You wouldn’t believe how hard hormones make living with girls!

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