Saturday 23rd July 2016 – Wilma is in the Dog House!


Alfie did tell Wilma that is she was a good girl and did well yesterday then she could write today’s diary as an extra. She is not writing it, so you may be able to work the rest out without me telling you. She did go to the show, although our Mistress thinks from the way she has been behaving since Wednesday that she is hormonal and may come into season soon. She has barked a lot since Wednesday, mostly at the wrong times. They got to the show in plenty of time and because at that point Wilma was being a good girl they all had a pre-show ice cream. It has been explained to Wilma that in future her ice-cream will be later on and ONLY if she behaves for the important part of the day.

They sat and waited for their turn, which was later than our Mistress had thought. By the time they went into the ring Wilma was bored. She was too hot to stand and just flopped down. When bribed she simply clawed at our Mistress’s hand to get the treat and would not stand nicely. She would not show her teeth and did not want to be touched by the judge. She did not want to trot neatly by our Mistress’s side. Apart from that she was fine! There were two in her class and she came second. Our Mistress said that if there had been ten then she would have been tenth! Oh she started barking part way through too… Wilma that is, not our Mistress. Anyway, once it was over Wilma decided she would bark at the world, so our Mistress was not best pleased with her. Sadly, for our breed to get greater recognition her the number of dogs showing is an important part of it. However, our Mistress has reached the conclusion that neither she nor Wilma are cut out for the show ring. They will do another show to prepare them for Crufts and then after Crufts will see if they do any better in competition obedience. On today’s performance, I’m thinking NOT!

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