Sunday 24th July 2016 – Alfie has won

In the battle of wills over where Alfie sleeps for the time being he has won. Oh he didn’t misbehave downstairs. However, his behaviour during the day went downhill in much the same way it does when our Mistress has to sleep with Shadow when she has puppies. Alfie simply can’t cope without lots of time close to our Mistress. He gets upset. Anyway, our Mistress discussed it with him and said as long as he promises to take extra care on the stairs then whilst he seems to be improving she will let him sleep upstairs. As it turns out, what she should have said was ‘As long as you stay in bed beyond 5.30 in the morning.’ She was really enjoying her lie-ins and now she’s back to having to get up really early again, so she’s not best pleased.

Wilma went to the strawberries on the green yesterday in the village. She sat as good as gold the whole time and proved that she can behave when she wants to. Our Mistress has therefore said that, probably against her better judgement, they can do another show together. They have entered one that is quite near here at the end of September, so they have some time to practice. Wilma has promised to work hard and our Mistress says she will too. We’ll just have to wait to see if it makes any difference to their performance.

The girls are off for a walk with one of my sisters from Mum’s fourth litter. Little Dixie won’t be quite so little anymore. I wish I could go to see her, but I’m not so good on long walks so I’ll stay here and keep Alfie company. To be honest, I’ve been overdoing it a bit, chasing Wilma round the garden. I’ve been limping and that isn’t much fun, so putting my paws up will do me good.

Have a great Sunday

Love Ari

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