Monday 25th July 2016 – Happy Birthday to me

It’s my birthday. I’m one year old today. I need to wish happy birthday to my brothers and sisters too. Have a happy birthday Wanda, Wendelin, Winston and Woodstock. I hope you are all as happy as I am.

We went for a lovely long walk yesterday with one of Shadow’s children, Dixie. Dixie is a couple of months younger than I am and we got on really well. She is so good looking and well behaved. Mum hopes she may go on to have puppies of her own when she’s older, which would be lovely. We met a Doberman boy who was about our age too and had loads of fun. He really liked me and I have to say I thought he was all right too. Mum pointed out that I seem to think most boys are all right and flirt with

Dixie, Wilma and Shadow
Dixie, Wilma and Shadow

them all. I don’t know what she means! Even Shadow was wiggling her bottom more than usual as she walked. I think she was forgetting that at seven years old he was more likely to notice her daughter and me.

I shall go for a special birthday walk with Mum later today and she has promised to play with me in the garden too. Then tonight I don’t have to go to dog training, but am being taken out for a birthday meal instead. I don’t think I’m actually supposed to be eating in the pub, but at least I’m not being left at home on my birthday. Mum and Dad are meeting an old friend for the evening. I don’t really know what he’ll make of me going, but I’m glad that Mum doesn’t want to leave me out. To be fair, she never wants to leave me out but has to sometimes. She’s much happier when I’m there to look after her.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wilma! I cannot believe you are one already. You have a lovely day planned I hope you enjoy it. I am glad there are birthdays because we are made to feel extra special. Lots of love Dickens XXXXXXX

    • Thank you. I’ve already had a lovely cuddle and been promised lots more through the day. I think I might quite like birthdays.

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