27th July 2016 – The Tragedy of Horsie

Feeling sad about Horsie

It was a dark day yesterday for Wilma. On the upside she had a playdate with her friend Monty, which I’ll tell you about in a moment. On the downside the shop at the kennels has sold their remaining stock of her favourite toy and our Mistress could not replace the dear departed Horsie. Wilma now feels even worse about the incident that led to Horsie’s demise and our Mistress is on the look-out for a replacement.

I had a lovely time swimming yesterday. My back felt fine and I really threw myself into it. It was the last time I’ll get to swim with the lovely lady that has become such a good friend so I wanted to make the most of it. I’ll still be swimming but I’ve got to develop a new attachment and that will take me a little while.

Monty and Wilma
Monty and Wilma

Wilma is definitely close to coming into season. Not only is she licking some of my most intimate places, which quite honestly at my age I find a little disconcerting, but Monty was trying to mount her during their playdate yesterday. Given he is now quite a bit smaller than she is and is no longer able to have puppies, it was all a bit fruitless, but you can’t blame a boy for trying. They were very pleased to see each other and did have a really good run round. She’s

supposed to be seeing one of her other boyfriends on Thursday but our Mistress has said that from the responses she’s getting at the moment she will have to be on her lead if she does go. She is quite a little flirt so it’s no wonder she’s driving all the boys crazy. She has her last training class tonight before her exam next week, so we really hope her season doesn’t start yet!

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