Thursday 28th July 2016 – Potatoes


I had forgotten to tell you how pleased with herself our Mistress is feeling. She has started to harvest our crop of potatoes. She’s never grown potatoes before so felt a little clueless both on what she was doing and when they would be ready to eat. The second point was pre-empted by finding we’d run out of potatoes so she decided to go to see how they were doing and sure enough they are doing very nicely. She is now busy bartering with potatoes for other things we haven’t grown. She is trading some with my grandparents in exchange for raspberries. I thought she might try trading for something useful like bones or dog biscuits but apparently when I get my paws dirty growing the potatoes then I can decide what they are traded for.

In her heart she still clings to the idea of The Good Life, a television programme from years ago where a suburban couple tried to become self-sufficient. I’m just going to put my paws up and watch her doing all the hard work. For now, she’ll have to make do with parsnips, carrots, potatoes, apples, blackberries, blueberries, herbs and of course the cherries that the birds kindly ate before she could get to them. Give the birds their dues, they did leave the stones for her in case she wanted to plant some more!

Wilma made it to her training class last night, but she’s looking increasingly doubtful for her test next week. Every boy, except me, who comes within a half mile radius of her seems to want to suggest an assignation. If this is what she’s like before her season even starts, then heaven help the male dog population round here when she is fully in season! Let alone when she actually reaches maturity. They’re going to be queueing up for miles!

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