Friday 29th July 2016 – All because of me

I don’t know if I should be pleased with myself for this or realise the inconvenience I’m causing. Apparently, my getting up at 5.10am is not being appreciated and measures are being taken to try to reduce the impact on our Mistress. Her preferred option is that I don’t get up so soon and with that in mind she has bought some new curtains for the bedroom which have thicker linings to keep the light out. She’s hoping that if the room is darker I might not wake up so early. I guess it’s worth a try. Well they’re up now so we’re going to find out. Step two is a mattress topper in the hope she sleeps better while she actually does manage to get some sleep, but that hasn’t arrived yet.

Step three is her last resort as far as I’m concerned. She’s improving the chances of getting back to sleep in the office after I’ve got her up, by putting blinds up at some of the windows in there to block out the light. She says step four is her real last resort and that will involve me sleeping downstairs at least some nights of the week so she can catch up, but I’m sure she doesn’t really mean that.

One thing that I am really appreciating is in an evening she is sitting reading in a chair that she used to use a lot when I was a puppy. It has a foot stool so she sits with her legs up and I can lie along the length of her legs. It does take me back to my puppyhood and as soon as I get on I relax completely. It’s turned into by far the best part of my day. I did ask if she could sit like that all day, but apparently that would not be possible.

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