Sunday 31st July 2016 – Wilma’s Record

Our Mistress said I should have stressed yesterday that the time interval from being given her new toy to its total destruction was a matter of only twenty minutes. She thinks this is a record in toy destruction in our house and that even Mum (Shadow) never managed that when she was young. To be fair, Mum has never been very delicate where toys are concerned and she’s never too bothered whose toy it is she destroyed. At least Wilma sticks to her own.

Wilma had a lovely day out yesterday and we were all very well behaved for our Master. I don’t think Alfie was feeling too good as he was sick twice, but by the time our Mistress came back everything was fine. She has promised to take us all for long walks today to make up for being away from us yesterday. I’ve asked if we can do my favourite walk, which we don’t do so often anymore and she’s said that we will. She was talking to Wilma about taking her somewhere completely different, but sadly that one involves some walking on the road first so I’m not allowed to go on that one. All in all I think it’s going to be a quiet Sunday. Wilma has agreed to do some extra training sessions ready for her test on Wednesday. They seem to have overcome the hurdle of Wilma refusing to sit neatly by our Mistress’s side without being given a treat. Our Mistress talked it through with Wilma and she said that a simple hand command would help her to be clearer on what was required and to give Wilma her due, it does seem to be working. I said she should have asked for extra food rations at the end of the exercise, but Wilma says she likes working too much to be that tough a negotiator.

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