Tuesday 2nd August 2016 – Tragedy of the ice cream maker

What do you do when you have spare cream? Well in this house the answer is make ice cream. Our Mistress had quite a lot of spare cream so she got all the other ingredients together, buying what she didn’t already have and then got everything out ready to make batch after batch of ice cream. The first problem was that the ‘cookies and cream chocolate’, which was going to be broken up and put in one batch, proved too enticing and had been eaten in the time it took to get everything else ready. No matter, there were still chocolate chips, blueberries, lemons and many other nice things. Unfortunately, the second problem was more terminal. The ice cream maker is broken! It has not been used for a while and does not want to work. The first lot of mix was put in the freezer without being turned so will come out as a solid lump and our Mistress sat looking rather forlornly at her favourite toy. Then it got quite funny. She knew she’d had it for her birthday and thought it must have been two years ago, so she searched for the receipt… the guarantee… the payment on her credit card… her bank account… and so it went on. As she look she became more and more bad tempered. Finding it potentially had a three year guarantee is only any use if you can find that it didn’t just appear out of thin air. Eventually she used the clever search functions on the computer and found she had it for her birthday FIVE years ago. We then had the whole ‘time goes faster as you get older’ thing and I just smiled sadly, realising in the short term that the chance of her dropping ingredients at my paws was diminishing.

I’m pleased to say that she is not one to give up easily and she is planning to take it to the repair shop tomorrow. Sadly, the cream will go out of date before she can use it for ice cream, so we’re eating it on strawberries instead. Thinking about it, that’s not an altogether bad result.

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