Thursday 4th August 2016 – What are the chances?

Taking things in my stride

There were Wilma and our Mistress all ready for their test. They’d done a final practice session and were both nervous. They got to their class in plenty of time and went for a little walk. Wilma promptly slipped her lead and our Mistress felt the panic rising. However, when told to stay Wilma did as instructed and was soon back on her lead. There were only five of them for the test but sadly would you believe the examiner was ill! It meant they couldn’t do their exam after all. They all did a practice exam instead and of the five only Wilma would have passed. There were lots of things our Mistress should have done better but Wilma made up for all of those. Her friend Jas did everything right except her recall, when she refused to come back. Milly, Chester and Buddy all failed on their stay. Badger was away doing sheepdog training, so it may mean he can now sit the exam with the others. Their exam has been postponed for two weeks. Now we just have to see if Wilma’s season manages to wait that long before it starts! Naturally she was disappointed, especially as our Mistress didn’t give her much tea before they went out, so she would be focussed. I don’t know about focussed, she certainly said she was hungry! Wilma is also fed up as next week is the club party and our Mistress won’t be able to take her to that. She asked if she could go without our Mistress but short of her learning to drive, which she is willing to try, that’s not going to happen.

Ari’s leg is improving and he’s now fed up with putting his paws up. He says he’d like a really good romp, but our Mistress is being very strict with him.

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