Saturday 6th August 2016 – Not safe to be let out

Happy weekend everyone, it’s Aristotle here. Thank you for all the get well wishes. My knee is not too bad, except for the times I play it up for sympathy. I can limp really well on those occasions and our Mistress falls for it every time. She’d pick me up and carry me if she could. I just turn on the old big brown eyes trick and she melts.

Anyway, from the title you probably thought I was talking about one of us, but I wasn’t. It’s our Mistress. She has booked to go on a writing conference for a few days. You should have seen her packing. There is a fancy dress one night on the theme of heroes, so she was trying to see if she could go dressed as one up us. She gave up on that in favour of her Xena Warrior Princess outfit that is in the wardrobe, though I have to say at her age I really think she’s kidding herself. She has filled the car with a very odd assortment of things, including food for midnight snacks (that outfit is not going to fit!). Now she says she doesn’t really want to go unless she can take Wilma with her. That pair are joined at the hip. Wilma goes almost everywhere with her. I said she should get Wilma recognised as an assistance dog so that she really could take her anywhere. Our Mistress said finding meeting a load of new people difficult didn’t warrant an assistance dog, but I’m not so sure. I think there are a lot of basically introverted people who would find the world a lot easier with a dog at their side. There’s probably a fair few introverted dogs who should get their humans qualified as ‘assistance humans’ for much the same reason.

We’ll be waving her off later and then I’ve got to remember to look after Alfie. I think Wilma has really been given the task, but I have to remember to be nice to him while she’s away.

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