Sunday 7th August 2016 – Too tempting

Why would anyone plant runner beans in our zoomy turning circle? When Wilma and I chase across the garden we have to execute near perfect turns to make sure we don’t hit the fence. We have got pretty good at it, if you don’t mind me saying so. To be fair Wilma is far better than I am, but for a dog with three gammy legs, I do pretty well. Our Master pointed out that if I didn’t do zoomies I might by now only have two gammy legs, but I chose to ignore him. Anyway, there is a small bank on one side of the garden and we’ve got the hang of using it a bit like the raised corners of a racetrack. There are two composting bins at either end of it and then the middle was just grass. I say was, because that was in the good old days. First our Mistress had the bright idea of planting some wildflowers in amongst it, because it was so difficult to cut with the mower. We’ve got a lovely gardener who helps her but he then suggested they could plant runner beans there too. Oh he’s done a beautiful job if you look at it aesthetically. Two very neat wigwams of beans at the ends of the wild flowers. A little row of willow semi-circles across the front to protect them. Perfect, but for the fact that willow is never going to stop a 27kg dog from ploughing straight through them! Ooops. I’m now trying to sort out the damage before our Mistress comes back and sees what I’ve done. All I can say is that it was a silly thing to put there. Mind you I said that about the apple tree in the middle of the garden and the potatoes sacks on the patio too. It would be far safer to leave our garden as just grass and then no one is going to get upset!

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