Thursday 11th August 2016 – The Diet Starts Tomorrow

I’ve heard from our Mistress and she’s eating too much. Now, for those of you who know her that may not seem unusual. She says enough is enough and it’s all going to stop. This, coming from the human who packed to go away taking with her extra scones, clotted cream and jam in case there was nothing there she liked. She also has extra biscuits, beer, wine, chocolate bars… need I go on. Anyway, she says that after her cooked breakfast tomorrow it’s all going to stop. No cakes, no biscuits, no chocolate, no alcohol, no ice cream. That was the point I told her to steady on. The rest I can live without, but what does she mean ‘no ice cream’? She knows I love ice cream. I get to lick out the bowl when she has my favourite, which is caramel. I sometimes have to share it with Wilma, but I always get first lick.

Anyway, I’m going to have to make do with apple and other fruit instead as all the bad things will be off the menu for a while. Now, I’ve heard all this before, so I’m not quite as alarmed as you might think, but she does seem determined and she says that she’s not feeling great for all the over eating, so we’ll see.

Wilma’s more concerned about the no alcohol as she’s never happier than trying to dip her tongue into something she should not have.

I wonder how long she’s going to last this time. On a good diet decision she’s been known to keep going for months. Recently, all it’s taken is the sight of one appetising cake or a single bad day in the office and normality is restored! On a brighter note she is saying she wants to walk further and that’s always a popular decision.

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