Friday 12th August 2016 – Will our Mistress get home?

My naughty puppy today

Our Mistress says she always likes those journeys with an extra bit of excitement. When she went to her writing conference it became apparent that her car is not well. She was trying to pass a lorry in the outside lane when it lost power and would not pick up speed. In the end she has to settle in behind the lorry and limped along at about 45 miles an hour, hoping that it wasn’t going to stop altogether. It’s happened before and she wondered if it was to do with fuel, but this time was much worse, so she did some research. The good news is that it is not all in her mind and it is the car. The bad news is that it isn’t going to go away. She has not driven the car since she got that last Saturday, so now she is just hoping that it can get her the 80 miles home. The car is booked in to the garage for this week so they can fix it for her, but she’s got to get here for them to do that. In the meantime we are all twiddling our paws waiting to see when she’ll get here. As a breed we err on the side of over-exuberant enthusiasm for our human, so she’s long since learnt that when she first sees us after being absent for more than five minutes, she needs to be wearing full body armour. I think she learnt that lesson when she bent down to greet me when I was a puppy and I chipped her front tooth! Anyway, now she tends to take the cowardly approach and give us all a chew so we get excited about that and forget she hasn’t been around. It’s either that or spend half an hour applying arnica to the bruises we cause.

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