Sunday 14th August 2016 – I did not want a bath

She goes away for a week and we’re doing just fine. Then she comes home and it’s ‘Aristotle, you need a bath!’ Ok, so I may have spent the week rolling in all those little luxuries she tries to keep me out of, but you would think she’d take the time to see if she could have learnt to like those smells before insisting they were removed. I of course pointed a paw at Shadow and said ‘She’s been rolling in them too.’ Sadly, she must have missed the best bits as apparently she does not ‘have an odour that enters the room five minutes before her’! Ah well. I’ll be looking out for good fox poo to see if I can get back to normal soon.

I didn’t feel like going for much of a walk. I think I’ve been overdoing it a bit recently and probably need to be less enthusiastic in my approach to life. I think our Mistress is going to get me alternating with Alfie on the swimming for a while to build my muscles back up a bit.

That was my chew!
That was my chew!

Wilma is becoming more like Shadow and not in a good way. They are both obsessed by chews. Shadow won’t share her chews with either me or Alfie and now it seems Wilma isn’t going to let me have any either. There was one lying around on the side that our Mistress said I could have as a special treat for being so good in the shower. Wilma just looked at me and smiled. My shoulders dropped. I know when I’m beaten. To be fair I did get peace and quiet while she was chewing it, but I did miss the satisfaction of having it for my own. I guess being a bloke can be very hard when there are girls around.

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  1. Hey, Ari, did you know tomato ketchup takes away fox poo pong? I have a friend whose lovely little pooch just loves fox poo, so he smothers her in tomato ketchup before putting her in the shower – and then both f them don’t seem to mind! Just a thought … He’s taken to keeping rather large bottles of ketchup in the house, LOL!

    • Oh that’s funny. We’ve got a bottle somewhere. I suspect it’s out of date, so a good use for it from a human point of view. I’ll go and hide it, just in case.

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