Tuesday 16th August 2016 – Ball Obsession

This dementia lark has some odd effects on me. Our Mistress has been having a games session in the garden each day so I get some exercise. We’ve got some tennis balls, a Frisbee and a fake stick. It’s just the two of us. No other dogs for me to have to compete with. I love it, but it’s all a bit odd. When we start playing something weird happens in my brain and I become very focussed and obsessed. I’m a bit dangerous for her to play with when I get really worked up and when it comes to time to finish, it doesn’t matter that physically I’ve had enough, I just want to carry on. She thinks I’d probably play until I dropped if she gave me the chance. The bit that even I am finding weird is that when we finish my brain doesn’t click back into a normal relaxed mode very quickly. I’m wired. I’ve got wild staring eyes and just want to go back to carry on. It took over half an hour on Sunday before I stopped pacing and staring. It’s like some alien takes my body over and won’t give it back again. I suppose it’s my brain it takes over rather than my body. For that time I’m just not myself. When we came in our Mistress sprayed me with the calming spray to try to help, but that didn’t make any difference. She was rather hoping these play sessions would wear me out and help me to relax, but much as I love them they are actually having the opposite effect. She doesn’t really know what to do to help me. She has ordered one of the Adaptil sprays and that should arrive any day now. After that she’s out of ideas again as she has tried everything. I hate being such a problem, but I just can’t help myself.

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