Wednesday 17th August 2016 – One unlucky girl

The way things are going, Wilma is never going to do her bronze exam. Firstly, when it should have been two weeks ago the examiner was not available so it was cancelled and rearranged for today. We thought she might miss it if her season started. We didn’t expect her to be missing it because she’s got Kennel Cough. She started coughing a little on Monday but by yesterday she was snuffly too and clearly under the weather, so our Mistress had to ring them to say she have to stay home. Now what will happen is that when she’s better she will join the outdoor class for a few weeks and then do her exam with the next session in around nine weeks’ time. At least her season should have come and gone by then too, but they are both very disappointed.

Our Mistress is also hoping that the rest of us don’t get kennel cough too. We’ve all been vaccinated, including Wilma, but sadly it’s one of those things that there’s no guarantee. I can remember when Shadow and I had it many years ago when we were supposed to be on the stand at Discover Dogs and our Master and Mistress had to sit there without us, pretending to be dogs. I may be exaggerating slightly there, I think they just kept apologising for our absence, but it would have been much more fun if they could have dressed up as us.

I guess I’m probably the one most at risk of getting it. I spend more time with Wilma and I’m not as young as I used to be. Oh well, nothing much I can do about it. Our Mistress is hoping that at least Shadow and I might have some immunity to some strains from having had it as well as the vaccination, but Ari hasn’t had it before so we’ll see.

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