Tuesday 23rd August 2016 – Keeping our Master in Check

There was an odd conversation the other day about making our Master behave in an acceptable manner. Now don’t get me wrong, our Master is pretty well trained and it was only about the others trying to get a word in while he wants to talk non-stop about the Olympics. Anyway, Andy suggested we try an electric shock collar on him. Our Mistress said, whilst she really didn’t approve their use on dogs she could see a case for using them with a husband, but I think she was only joking!


I’m having problems with this whole playing ball thing. I want to play all the time, but I seem to get confused. I’m ok for the first few throws but then I start to go after the ball and just turn round and come back for the next one to be thrown. Our Mistress gets really fed up because she has to do all the work and I forget myself and go for her hand when she goes to pick up the ball. I don’t want her to stop playing as it’s become the highlight of my day, even though it does take me about three-quarters of an hour to get over it.

Ari is very quiet at the moment. He’s having a lot of problems with his front left leg and it’s hurting him. He just wants to rest but he’s pretty miserable about it. Our Mistress took some lovely photos of him but she says she does prefer to see him running about. He’s going swimming again today instead of me to try to help to strengthen it again. I’m doing ok really and with running around in the garden I’m getting quite a bit of exercise, more than I was anyway.

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