Thursday 25th August 2016 – My nephews


It’s Wilma here, I get to do an extra post to bring you news from my sister. She sent me a long comment yesterday and I wanted you all to see it and some pictures, so here is what she had to say:

Hi, Wilma

It’s me, Valeria, your half-sister, and the mother of your nephews, too. I am now a proud mother of four lively young lads I gave birth to last Friday. But all that you already know.

Knowing that we Entlebuchers are very curious and want to know everything about everything, I tell you some more details that might interest you:


The first born is DANTE (yes –  the “Divine Comedy”-Dante). Well, I don’t know yet how much hell he is going to give me (and my humans). So far he concentrates on growing and neither hears nor sees anything of the world he will have to cope with very soon. By the way: he weighed 465 grams. (Today he’s already reached 723 grams). That delivery was rather a challenge for the very first dog for me to give birth to – and it hurt. I cried out loudly.

After him came DARCY. Even bigger: 479 grams. (Today: 725). But the birth channel was now ready and he slipped out without problems or pain for me. He’s named after the arrogant Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy who in the end came to terms with the equally headstrong Elizabeth Bennet. Should he ever become a stud dog: I am confident that he will do well. You can’t be called Darcy and not have learned from the novel.

Two and a half hour later arrived DARWIN. 400 grams. (Today: 644). This name I chose not for literary reasons, although Darwin probably authored more words than Dante or Jane Austen. It’s not that I’m the one that wants to push her children toward any career or job or whatever. With Darwin I just hope that he will never forget his name, and will never ever get the hang of ideas like “intelligent design” or other bullshit of the sort. Thanks very much.

Another hour later the baby of the family was born. DAVIS, 366 grams. (Today: 598). After the literary and scientific men I wanted a musical one. Miles. I hope he will use his noise-making abilities just for elating people (as Miles) or in absolutely urgent situations when mankind has to be rescued.

That’s all for the moment. I read your blog every day at 7 o’clock and one minute. Keep writing.

Kind regards to Alfie, Ari, Shadow, and to Mistress and Master.


She says being a mum is really hard, but that isn’t putting me off the idea. I so hope I’m going to be able to. My teeth still aren’t right but maybe they could give me permission for one litter and then we can see if they turn out ok. I think I have my heart set on having a little girl that can stay with me, as Valeria has with Mamma. I know Mum has said it will be a few years before we can add another to our family, but maybe if I could have a little girl who was just like me she would relent. In the meantime, it’s lovely to be able to watch the progress of my sisters.

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