Sunday 28th August 2016 – Now it’s Alfie’s turn


I think Alfie was feeling left out of all the sympathy, so now he’s got a bad paw. He took it to our Mistress to show it to her. She’d noticed some blood on the floor tiles and wondered which of us it was and at that point Alfie didn’t say anything. Later he went and told her his paw was hurting and asked if she could look at it. He’s got quite a nasty lump, about ball-bearing size, just in front of his rear pad. Then he’d taken the skin off it so it was bleeding. He’s been to see the vet and she’s given him some antibiotics and certainly taking the skin off will have happened when he was playing ball. At the moment it’s not clear though if the lump is an injury or if there was a lump that has then become injured when playing. He’s got to go back to see her when the injury and infection has gone down to see if there is still a lump there then. She also explained a treatment she might try for his dementia that she has been reading about. Our Mistress is hopeful that it might help him a little.

He’s most fed up as our Mistress is making him have a rest from playing ball for a day. He’s got to stick to playing on the grass for a while too, but that’s not too much of a problem as long as he remembers not to run into the holly bush.

I had a nice walk on soft ground. I didn’t go too far and it was lovely. We’ll be ok as long as it doesn’t rain too much as it gets quite muddy. Who am I kidding, this is England, of course it’s going to rain.

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  1. Aww, Ari, please tell Alfie I hope his paw’s better soon! Hugs to you all! xx

    • Thank you. I’ll tell him. He’s sitting with his paws up right now.
      Have a woofly weekend

  2. Dora sends her love to Alfie, she says its not much fun having a sore paw. She ripped her nail the other day and had to have her dew claw removed. Now she also has antibiotics and of course bandages that she sits and chews to compensate for not going out to play.

    • Oh my poor sister. Please send her my love. I’ll tell Alfie that she sent him her love too. I do hope Dora is better soon.

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