Monday 29th August 2016 – A lucky girl

Happy Monday everyone, it’s Wilma here. Oh I had such an exciting day yesterday. I had a Skype call with my nephews in Switzerland and my mamma and sister. I tried sniffing them on the screen, but oddly their scent didn’t come through. I licked the screen a bit, which meant Mum had to clean it afterwards. It was so lovely to see them. We had a good chat. I did try looking behind the screen to see if they were there, but I couldn’t find them. I do find this modern technology odd.

Today is Mum’s birthday and she says what she’d really like is for the two of us to go out for the day, but of course she also wants to spend the time with the rest of the family too. We’re going out for cake this afternoon and as long as the weather is ok, so we can sit outside, I shall be going too. I’m not allowed inside in the café so I’m crossing my paws that the weather will be fine.


I had a great play with Dad the other day. He’s happy to play rough and tumble in a way that Mum won’t. He was impressed though, because when I started to get too excited Mum said, ‘Enough’ and I knew to stop. He says none of the rest of the family seem to understand that command. Then I showed him some of the other commands I know, like letting my ears be examined and opening my mouth so my teeth can be seen. I told him that Mum has switched to training me with little pieces of cheese and, if I’m being honest, I’ll do pretty much anything when there’s cheese on offer. Of course, I’m happiest if it is Swiss cheese, but I’ll settle for English.

Have a good week

Love Wilma

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