Tuesday 30th August 2016 – No Ball for Me

It’s Alfie and I’m getting a bit fed up. I’m still not being allowed to play ball. The skin is beginning to heal on the lump on my paw, but the lump itself is not going down. Our Mistress has explained to me that where it is, she is worried that I’m going to catch it on the ground again too easily and that until it either goes down, or we talk to the vet next Monday she wants me to rest it as much as possible. One of us thinks that is a sensible course of action and one of us thinks it’s an unfair restriction of our fun. I’m just worried that by the time I’m allowed to play again the weather will be bad and I’d have to go out in the rain to play. We all know what I think of rain!

As always yesterday, when they went out for our Mistress’s birthday, it was goody four-paws Wilma who got chance to go with them. What was funny was that they sat next to someone who said their neighbour had two dogs just like Wilma. Our Mistress said that would be unlikely, but for once she was wrong and they lived near Aida and her son in York. It’s a very small world and people don’t often recognise what we really are. Wilma offered to help their small child with the packet of crisps, but our Mistress told Wilma that was not what she expected. I’d have just had the bag before anyone had chance to think about it. Wilma lost out there by being too polite.

Ari is swimming again today. Not only was his leg hurting again yesterday but until my paw has healed our Mistress doesn’t think it’s a good idea for me to go in the water. This paw thing really is proving very annoying.

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