Thursday 1st September 2016 – It’s official

At last after many years of using my Master’s name on Facebook, I am there in my own name of Dog. Identity is a very important thing and I’d hate to get confused with my Master. I know we have different first names, but that’s not the point. He’s say he’s the good looking one, but I think that may depend who you ask and how many legs they have. At least it will help newcomers to Facebook to find me.

Meanwhile back in the non-virtual world, whilst the sore on my paw is now healing through rest, the actual lump is not going down. Our Mistress has promised that our games of ball will resume but she really needs to know what is going on with it first and doesn’t want me to aggravate it so we can’t see what the underlying problem is. I said we could see the underlying problem, it’s swollen and it hurts, but she seemed to think I was slightly missing the point. It is, I think, the first time I’ve ever counted the days off to a return trip to the vet.

I’m excited about a friend of our Mistress’s coming to stay today. I’ve known her since puppyhood and she’s great. I’m much happier around people I’ve known a long time than meeting new people these days. I find meeting new people very hard now. It unnerves me. Those I know already, though, make me very happy. It will be the first time Wilma has met her, but Wilma loves everyone. And to be fair, everyone loves Wilma, although our Mistress was less certain when Wilma pounced on her in bed early this morning. Wilma is a bit of a morning dog and although our Mistress is normally a morning person, she’s a bit tired at the moment and doesn’t want a dog sitting on her face at 5.30. I really can’t think why!

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