Friday 2nd September 2016 – A day like no other

Our Mistress is feeling the pressure at the moment … and it’s showing. Now, she’s normally one of the world’s most organised people, but Wednesday did not go to plan. She was already feeling fraught from Wilma jumping on her before she was really awake, but that was only the start. She drove to the other side of the city to buy school uniform for Andy and arrived to find she did have the shopping list, but did not have her handbag. In fact, she has not a single penny with her. She spoke to the shop and thankfully they were happy for her to ring home and get credit card details over the phone. Then she thought she’d use the clever banking system with her mobile phone to withdraw cash. It gave her a code to put into a cashpoint and all went well, until it asked her a security question she could not remember the answer to and refused to hand over the money. So she went to W H Smiths to take something back and asked for a credit. They wanted to refund the card, but our Master bought the item. They said any card would do. She said she didn’t have any card. They rolled their eyes and said she should come back to the till when she had selected her purchases. She did that, but the new items came to 62p less and they couldn’t refund the difference in cash. She said that was fine. They said it wasn’t because their till would not balance. She got some chocolates for 50p from the discount bucket and in desperation the cashier gave her the 12p and booked herself in for a course of counselling.

By the time she came home she was frazzled. They took the girls for a walk to calm down and then came back to find I’d got fed up and found a pile of Haribo sweets that I had helped myself too. Leaving a number of packets lying around. She tried to find the ingredients and clean up and turned round to find Wilma having taking the lid of the container with her head in the dog food bin, munching happily. At that point she declared Wednesday over, despite it being only 1pm and said she would do nothing further until Thursday. She said I could deal with the heating engineer when he came to fix the boiler, but could I refrain from either eating him or being sick over him. Just another day in our crazy home.

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