Sunday 4th September 2016 – A false sense of security

Our Mistress is highly competitive. She has one of these things that counts how far she walks and she always wants to walk further and further. That in itself is a good thing, and of course we do benefit. However, sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. With the software for the one she uses they have come up with a new idea. You can now set yourself challenges and imagine you are following hiking trails in exciting locations, rather than walking around the same place you always walk. Yesterday, instead of being in North Yorkshire, our Mistress was, at least in her own head, following the Vernal Falls Trail in Yosemite National Park. The trail would involve her walking 15,000 steps, but there the similarity to her day ended. She set off from a beautiful bridge, that the rest of us know as her bedroom and hiked off through the trees to the kitchen. Now, if you know much about the weather, you will realise that the blue skies above Yosemite were not matched by those of our village. It was at least dry when she set off for a walk with Shadow, but only for the first quarter of a mile. She was dressed for Yosemite. She had strong walking shoes, short sleeves and long trousers but she did not have waterproofs… and she got very very wet. On the application apparently if she’d looked over the stream she would have seen a beautiful rainbow in the sunshine. What she actually saw was a lot of mud and a very wet dog. I think she needs to take virtual reality a step or two further before she includes me in the plan. I would like to feel the sun on my fur and be able to smell the fresh pine smell. Now if they could arrange that, I’d be buying one of my own.

Happy Sunday



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    • Ooo that sounds fun and so much better for us to be involved. I wonder if I could book a plane ticket without her.

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