Tuesday 6th September 2016 – the lump on my paw

Well, over the last week the lump on my paw has got bigger rather than improving. It’s in the way and it’s hurting. I saw the vet yesterday and we talked about both that and the ones on my elbow. I’ve got two on my elbow, one feels like my fatty lumps so doesn’t really worry me, but the other is different and it’s a bit in the way too. Anyway, after she’d had a bit of a look at me she gave me a choice. I could either have a biopsy on the both now and then look at the removal of the one on my paw when we got the results or we could go straight for removal. Given the problems it’s causing and the fact it is going to need removing anyway, it seemed like the best plan to say I’d have it removed. The only problem is that at that stage, because the vet won’t know the nature of what she’s dealing with then she’ll have to remove more tissue than if we waited for the results. At least if it turned out to be good news. I asked her what the risk was that it was malignant and she said that it’s probably 50:50. I’m taking the old adage ‘Hope for the best and plan for the worst’ to heart and have said I’ll straight for its removal to be on the safe side, but obviously our Mistress and I are hoping it all turns out to be benign and harmless. It is going to give me quite a big and awkward wound for a while. Because it’s on the bottom of my foot there will be some pressure on it and pulling on the stitches. I’m going to have to have it bound up for a while, but as our Mistress said, I make a very good patient and I trust her completely to change the dressings when I need them doing. I’m all booked in for a week’s time and until then have to keep off it as much as I can.

Our Mistress has promised me a week of being pampered as much as she can, so it won’t be all bad.

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  1. Hello Alfie, your Vet sounds very nice. We hope all goes well for you. It will be a bit strange when you have had the operation but we know you will be a very good dog. We are all thinking of you. Love Dickens XXXXX

    • Thanks, Dickens. Our vets are lovely. They talk to me properly rather than talking down to me or not telling me what’s happening. It does make it all easier. I’m still a bit worried though.

  2. Oh Alfie, sorry to hear you are going to have surgery – but your vets do sound so nice, I know you will be in good hands. Hope all goes well, and that you heal fast. Hugs xxx

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