Wednesday 7th September 2016 – My nephews (Wilma)

Valeria and my nephews
Valeria and my nephews

Alfie is resting so said I could write about my nephews today. Alfie’s actually really out of sorts and finding things hard. I guess if your paw hurts it makes everything difficult.

Anyway, I had an email from Mama in Switzerland. She’s been helping my sister with the puppies. Would you believe she’s been producing milk to feed them too, even though they weren’t hers? She says it’s made her realise she’d like to have more puppies of her own. I told Shadow that and she just laughed at me. She said she handed the last lot over to Mum on day 2 last time and certainly didn’t plan on going through all that again.

Valeria and the boys are all well, as is Mama. Apparently my sister is a real natural and is

doing everything a mother should, but not being over fussy, just like Mama was with us. All the boys are growing really well. Davis is the smallest. He was 366g when he was born and on Monday he’d got to 1450g, which is not bad for two and a half weeks. Darwin started at 400g and is now 1600g. Dante started at 465g and is now the heaviest at 1710g. He overtook Darcy as the leader last Friday. Darcy started at 479g and is now 1690g. Their eyes are now open, although Mama doesn’t think they are focusing on much yet and they still can’t hear her barking at them as their ears haven’t opened yet, but that will happen very soon.

It’s all so exciting. I just wish I could go to see them. One day I’ll have my own I hope, but in the meantime I’ll do my best to look after Alfie and see if I can make him more comfortable.



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