Thursday 8th September 2016 – A teaser

Hi everyone, Wilma here again. I’m so excited. I can’t show it to you yet but I’ve seen the portrait of me that has been drawn and it is amazing. It’s not quite finished but when it is I’ll show you. The lovely man who has drawn it has said that if some of you want your pictures drawn too then he’ll be all set up for that soon. It’s so good that I think Mum wants one of all the others too. She says she’s going to have it professionally framed and give it pride of place.

Mum had to go to London on the train yesterday. I was worried about her all day and did try to persuade her to take me with her. I’m not overly keen on train travel, (You would not believe how dirty the floors are!) but it’s a sacrifice I’d have made to take care of her. She said she’d have loved to take me, particularly as she was planning on walking from the station to her meeting rather than going by underground or taxi, but she didn’t think she’d be allowed to take me into the offices she was going to. That’s so bad. Every office should accept well-behaved dogs. I can sit through meetings as well as anyone can, and frankly I think sometimes I pay closer attention than she does. I haven’t been to London yet, so it would have been fun and I just know it would have made her day better if I could have been there to keep an eye on her. I had to stay here and look after Alfie instead. I guess she must have thought his need was greater than hers. I even offered to take my rucksack and carry her things for her, but maybe next time.

Have a lovely day



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