Friday 9th September 2016 – It’s not fair

It’s Wilma here again and I’m fed up. It’s so hard being a girl. Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be anything else, but you get all excited about things and then your season starts and you are told you’ll have to cancel. It’s just not fair. Mum said they’d happen about every six months, so I wasn’t expecting it to start for another three weeks. Even that was going to be inconvenient. Anyway, it means I can’t go to training for the next four weeks. I’ll only be able to join the new class the week before we’re supposed to do our bronze exam and they may not let me do that as it might put the other dogs off. We’re waiting to find out. It also means I can’t go away with Mum and Dad next weekend. They have my paternal grandfather’s eightieth birthday, but as they’re staying in a dog friendly hotel, Mum said she’d take me as long as I didn’t mind sitting in the car for some of the evening. It sounded like fun and I’d have seen all my human grandparents too. Now I can’t go. I thought all that was bad enough, but the following Saturday is our Entlebucher fun day and I was so looking forward to seeing my half-brother Salvo. It was going to be good to see everyone else too, but it was Salvo I wanted to see most and now Mum says I am unlikely to be able to go to that either as there will be lots of stud dogs there and it could all get a bit tricky. I’m hoping I might be able to go if I am prepared to stay in the car for some of the time, but we’ll see. I might even get to miss the dog show I’m entered into on 29th September, but Mum says we may still get to that one. And I miss out on walks too. It just gets worse.



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  1. And it’s going to keep happening, Wilma dear, so your going to just have to get used to it! It really is ‘lock up your daughters’ time! In Kenya, where I grew up, we had a family of Boxers, my folks owned the parents, and I owned one of the daughters, Bugsie, actually the runt of the litter, but a beautiful little soul, truly; and it always fell to me to have to walk which ever was in season, locking up the dog, Hans, while we were out. Hans was a very lovable soul, very laconic, laid back, but the only time I’ve ever known him climb up and jump out the window was one time I was walking his better half, Gretel – so yes, your mum’s right, Wilma, it could get tricky! Just be patient, it will pass! Hugs xxx

    • Oh that’s funny. I know you’re right, but when you’re a puppy staying at home is awful.
      Love Wilma

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