Saturday 10th September 2016 – Nearly my birthday

Ok, it’s my birthday in just over a week and I can’t decide what to ask for. I think the problem is that I’ve got pretty much everything a dog needs. What I’d probably like most is our Mistress to myself for a whole 24 hours. I’ve never really had that. Even the day I was born was shared with lots of others. Our Mistress often tells me the story of the day I was born, but I never tire of hearing it. What should I ask for as my present? I’ve got a great bowl and a really comfortable bed. I’ve got a nice collar and we all share leads. I don’t have my own cuddly toy, but there is a reason for that. I did have one, but the end result wasn’t pretty. I think Mum had a paw in it with me. She’s never been very good at doing anything but play tug with cuddly toys. Only Alfie and Wilma seem to keep some of their toys nice.

Wilma had a paddling pool for her birthday. Although, she went off it as a result of her experience of the sea, so that wasn’t such a great outcome. Mum was going to have a little cart for hers, but decided against because at her age she didn’t think it would do her bad leg any good. Having two bad legs I don’t think it would be a good idea for me either. There must be something I could ask for. Maybe the girls would let me have one of those big chews of my very own and not take it away from me. I’d like that. Maybe I could have a steak for tea too followed by some ice cream. I wonder if that would all be too much to ask for. What do you think?

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    • I need to plan this and make sure an extra steak appears on the shopping list for when our Mistress goes to the butchers. Thanks for the support. I’ll let you know.

  1. Not too much to ask for at all Ari. Birthdays are special and you should be spoilt on your birthday. Hope you all have a happy tail waggy day. xx

    • I might help my cause if I weren’t getting carried away because of Wilma’s hormones. I really must learn to behave.

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