Tuesday 13th September 2016 – Alfie is off to the vet

Wilma and Shadow sharing a bed together while they were away.

It’s Wilma here again as Alfie says if he can’t have breakfast then he can’t be expected to do any work. He’s in good spirits but is clearly anxious as is Mum. The lump on his paw is about twice the size it was a week or two ago and Mum says she’s surprised he can walk on it at all. It really does look very sore. We’ve all had to promise to take special care of him when he comes back this afternoon. I’ve got to play nurse at the weekend too as Mum has to go away just over Saturday night and says I must take special care of Alfie. I shall certainly do my best.

I don’t know if much work will get done today while we’re all waiting to hear that he’s ready to come home again. I know that Mum is a big shaky about it all. She says she was very pleased with the work she got done yesterday though as she’s in the process of sending her novel out to agents and she wrote a big proposal for it that took her an hour and a half to put together and that was just one submission. I hope they like it as if she has to send it out to very many that would be an awful lot of work for one book.

I’m coping remarkably well with not going for walks at the moment. It’s a bit frustrating, but Mum tries to play ball with me in the garden each day. When I say she tries, some days it seems to make sense and I’ll go running after the ball and bring it back and other days it occurs to me what a pointless exercise playing ball really is and I leave her to it, while I find something more interesting to do. It’s amazing how long a human can throw a ball and go and collect it themselves before they realise you aren’t actually playing!

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  1. Hi Alfie, we will all be thinking of you today. Be a brave boy. The Vets are very skilled and will do their very best work on your paw. We will be anxiously waiting for news.
    Lots of love Dickens and all my family too. XXXXXXX

    • Thank you. Mum’s just dropped him at the vet. He was not happy to have missed breakfast. Mum’s all a bit shaky now.
      love Wilma

    • Thank you. He’s just gone to the vet’s. It feels very quiet without him here. We should hear how he’s doing later this morning.

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