Thursday 15th September 2016 – Alfie is resting

He’s not too thrilled about it, but Alfie is resting. The original plan was that he would rest up here in the office, but there are three problems with that plan. Firstly, he doesn’t want to do stairs and there are half a dozen steps up to the office. Secondly, he keeps knocking everything over with the collar he’s having to wear to stop him licking his leg. Thirdly, I’d need to be tied up or put in another room to stop me licking his leg. I only want to take care of him. He’s my best buddy and I’m worried about him. I guess being all hormonal just exaggerates those feelings. It’s a bit like the brain teaser ‘How do you get the fox, the chicken and a sack of corn across the river’ in this house at the moment. I can’t be with Aristotle as he’s getting too excited about my hormones. To be fair when he’s around I get pretty excited about them too. Aristotle also had an upset tummy yesterday which really didn’t help matters. Shadow and I can’t be with Alfie as we both want to mother him. Mum is having a bit of a nightmare. I’m not even allowed to sleep in the room with them as I just can’t resist wanting to lick Alfie’s leg. I understood why, and was very good about it. I know he really needs to be near Mum at the moment so I slept in my crate in the office without complaint.

Because Shadow was the only one up for a walk yesterday and Mum wants the exercise they went for a long walk. Mum was happy, but Shadow said she could have done with it being a bit shorter. She says she’s not as fit as she used to be and needs to remember that this time when it’s fun day a week on Saturday. She ached for days after the last one!

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